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We are a small town with big visions for the future! Although located in an agricultural area, manufacturing companies surround us. Education is very strong, with both public and parochial schools, as well as several colleges and technical schools. Abandoned factory property has been turned into public green spaces.

All of our efforts have had a direct impact on the improvement of the quality of life for those who call this area along the Rock River and the historic Hennepin Canal home.

Something for Everyone

Whatever your reasons for moving, Rock Falls has you covered with something for everyone. The City of Rock Falls is known as the “Gigabit City” as we have great connectivity with our proprietary, lightening fast fibernet. If you are working remotely or if gaming and streaming are your speed, then we have you covered! Rock Falls is a rural city with a population of close to 9,000. The location is ideal with being 2 hours from Chicago and right off Interstate 88, and only an hour either way from Rockford or the Quad Cities. Rock Falls was once known as a manufacturing town, and although we still have some manufacturing here, we are evolving into a city that offers more opportunity than most areas around us.

We have great connectivity with our proprietary, lightning fast fibernet so if you are working remotely, or even if gaming and streaming are your speed, we have you covered! We have an impressive array of recreational outlets with our many parks and the Hennepin Feeder Canal and Trail which is the beginning of Hennepin Canal State Park, a 100-mile-long waterway and trail perfect for kayaking, biking, running, walking, and almost anything. This historic waterway is a true asset to our community. Our beautiful RB&W Park, located right on the Rock River, is a perfect place to bring the artist out in you. And there is so much more!

There are many hotels for our overnight guests and we also have exceptional dining with a nice variety of cuisines. We are fortunate to have an airport that has 6.500 feet of runway and is able to accommodate business and tourist travel. There are a wide variety of events to choose from throughout the year, from food trucks to holiday bingo, and everything in between.

The Rock Falls area is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. If you have been dreaming of getting more for your money in a community that is safe and provides opportunity, then it is time to stop dreaming and start Living Rock Falls.


Rock Falls is situated on the Rock River and the Hennepin Feeder Canal. Our two waterways are perfect for the water enthusiasts whether it is fishing, boating, or kayaking. Our central location provides an opportunity for business growth, affordability, education, and the fun things in life. Whatever lifestyle you desire, you can make it possible in Rock Falls.


With direct access to I-88, you can reach Chicago in just 2 hours and within an hour to Rockford and the Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities. Our location makes it easy to make a day trip to Chicago or other larger cities. Whiteside County Airport is located just south of Rock Falls, which makes it convenient for noncommercial, corporate, and private air travel with one runway being 6,500 feet in length. Getting around Rock Falls and the surrounding areas, there is little to no traffic congestion. Taxis are available in the area and the opportunity for Lyft drivers is ready and waiting.

Food & Drink

Rock Falls has some of the best restaurants around, some of which are locally owned and been around for years including Candlelight, Angelo’s Pizza, and Arthurs Garden Deli. We have a variety of cuisines including Mexican and Thai. If you are looking for a coffee and expresso bar with homemade baked goods, you can find that in uptown Rock Falls. There are several nice bars that can serve up some ice-cold drinks when wanting to hang with new friends in Rock Falls.

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I moved to the Rock Falls community in 1976 when I married into a small business family. Over the years that small business has been blessed by customers far and wide, but Rock Falls has always been the heart and soul of our success. They’ve supported our small farm through thick and thin. More than ever this small community showed this to us during the spring and summer of historic 2020. By supporting the “mom and pop shops”, Rock Falls is one of the reasons why Selmi’s has endured almost 100 years in the community.
Connie Selmi

My home is full of love. Where the community is about the people where your family and friends gather safely making memories and sharing hope for the future. My home is the best place in the country to raise a family, the reason I moved back. I fell in love with a farmer who called me a “city slicker.” Our home is full of activities from family and community celebrations to working in town and on the farm. My home is the joy of attending Mass on Sunday and volunteering at the local thrift shop. At my home, there is always something to do. My home is in Rock Falls, Illinois.

I was born and raised in Rock Falls. I have lived here my entire 63 years. I could not imagine living anywhere else. Growing up in a small town was the best. Everyone knew their neighbors, which meant parents pretty much always knew where their kids were. Summers were spent swimming at Lawrence Park and watching little league baseball at Wallingford Park. We would stay out after dark and play kick the can with all your friends and didn't have to worry about being safe. We even slept out in tents in our yards. And who could forget the Dilly Man? The minute you heard his music, you ran in the house to get that dime for ice cream. Oh so many great memories! Growing up in a small town like Rock Falls is absolutely the BEST!

I love Rock Falls because my family & friends are here. I like that when I need to go to the store, it doesn’t take long to get there. I love that I know a lot of people here and if I need something, I always know where to go or who to call or someone that has it.

Living in Rock Falls all my life has been a great place to live. It has a great school district including public, catholic and country schools. We are in Whiteside County with a very diverse community. We come together when in need. Safety is felt and is a friendly and caring community. The Rock River is a place with recreational activities along with the Hennepin Canal. Bicycling, running, and walking along the Hennepin Canal, as well as kayaking and canoeing are also favorites to do. Rock Falls has many parks and recreation for family fun. We have a campground with a swimming lake. Our town has many restaurants, bars, and hotels. There is a beautiful riverfront park (RB&W Park) with art sculptures around the park. At the RB&W Park, there are benches to sit and enjoy the Rock River and its views. We have concerts and annual events all year long. Rock Falls has been a great place to raise our family and happy to remain a lifelong citizen of this community.

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