The City of Rock Falls with a population of under 9000 is proud to own and
operate its own Electric, Water Treatment System and Water Departments.

  • Rock Falls Electric Department (RFED) is a nationally recognized electric
    utility, providing service to both the resident and businesses of Rock Falls
    and a part of the connecting rural area. A proud member of the American
    Public Power Association (APPA) the utility has been recognized as a RP3-
    Platinum Award winner, only one of three (3) communities in Illinois. The
    City operates a two (2) megawatt hydroelectric plant, a 1-megawatt solar
    plant and nine peaking power generators capable of producing 17
    megawatts of electricity for peak shaving or emergency operations.
  • Rock Falls Water Department production system consist of three (3)
    shallow wells, three (3) pressure ion removal tanks, and two (2) elevated
    towers. Approximately 68 miles of water main, 400 fire hydrants and 4000
    water services.
  • Waste Reclamation Facility, is a three (3) million gallons per day (MGD)
    Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility which consists of fine screening
    grit removal, biological nutrient removal (BNR) oxidation ditch, secondary
    clarification, tertiary treatment, UV disinfection, two (2) meter belt presses
    and a septage receiving station.
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